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Interested in making our Roofing Discount available to your Organization?​

Employee Roofing Advantage has negotiated a discounted rate with Suppliers and Contractors all across the Nation. We’d consider it a privilege to serve your employees.

Our discount is open to everyone and just our way of saying Thank You! for all you’ve done for local communities.

To Begin

Download the free Flyer now and post to your internal site where employees go to view their Benefits and other local Perks you offer.

They can take advantage of the discount right away by calling us at 844-888-8078 or scanning the QR Code on the Flyer to contact us through the website.

Contact Us if you’d like a laminated copy rushed to your doorstep for display in the breakroom.

We Promise to Always

  • Honor the price
  • Install top-rated building materials
  • Construct a fully-Warranted roofing system
    • Lifetime Material – we will use all the components necessary to achieve a Lifetime Material
      warranty from each Manufacturer.
    • Lifetime Labor – we back our roofing division’s Workmanship with a Lifetime warranty for all our employees at no extra charge.

How valuable is the discount?

The quality of the roofing materials and method of construction fall into the “Better” category of a typical Good/Better/Best roofing proposal.

The price is based on a 2,000 square foot roof (covers most homes) and equates to about a 28% discount off current market rates.

Below is Producer Price Index data released in June 2023 for asphalt shingles; our discount is reminiscent of February 2020 pricing.

Have time for a 5-min phone call with Aaron?

I’d love to connect with you on the phone to answer any questions you may have. Until then, I welcome your email or meeting invite.
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