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    Really, how good is the Roof?

    The quality of the roofing materials and method of construction fall into the "Better" category of a typical Good / Better / Best roofing proposal.
    The price is based on a 2,000 square foot roof (covers most homes) and equates to about a 28% discount off current market rates.


    1. Complete tear-off one layer of existing shingles, nails, flashing and felt
    2. Install new Drip Edge around entire perimeter eaves and rakes
    3. Install energy efficient Ice & Water Guard along eaves and valleys
    4. Cover remainder of roof with high performance Synthetic Felt
    5. Install Starter Shingles around entire perimeter eaves and rakes
    6. Install architectural shingles with 130mph Wind Warranty
    7. Replace existing type of Ventilation (hat vent or ridge vent) with new
    8. Install Hip and Ridge accessory shingle
    9. Install new Valley Metal, Pipe Boots, Furnace, and Electrical stacks
    10. Clean out gutters, magnetic sweep driveway and yard
    11. Haul away all roofing trash and construction debris
    12. Transferrable Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
    13. Lifetime Labor & Workmanship Warranty


    1. Residential asphalt shingle only (call to learn more about wood, slate, tile, and metal discounted rates)
    2. Sales Tax not included
    3. Tear off additional shingle layers not included
    4. Additional charge for roofs greater than 6/12 pitch
    5. Additional charge for second story “ladder-only” access
    6. Cost of City permitting, Inspections, HOA fees, or building plans not included
    7. Replace chimney flashing, skylights, roof fans, solar tubes not included
    8. Replace rotten sheathing, soffit, or fascia not included
    9. Does not apply to Insurance Claim projects

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    After a quick inspection, our Field Estimator will be able to advise if your Homeowner’s Insurance Carrier might consider your roof a covered loss. Then, our Claims division wi ll help take the burden of claim settlement off your plate.

    • We send out the Insurance estimator.
    • Our Licensed Public Adjuster meets with the Insurance Adjuster.
    • We use the same software the Insurance Carriers use (XACT)